St. Barth

St. Barth

Saint-Barthélemy (or Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy), often abbreviated to Saint Barts, is an island in the Antilles, an enchanting island emerges from the sea, the beauty of which has been noticed above all by the American celebrities.

Enchanting bays, golden beaches, transparent waters and green hills make Saint-Barthélemy, for all St. Barth, a true Caribbean pearl requested by tourists from all over the world.

Like Ernest Hemingway who wrote many novels on board his barge Pilar, or Frank Lloyd who set us up and Hugo Pratt who was inspired by this island for draw the adventures of his Corto Maltese.

The St. Barth collection is focused with glossy mirror colours that reflect the surrounding image but at the same time have the color at the base of Caribbean sand.

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