Layer upon layer. Big cities are formed this way. Houses, skyscrapers, trams, innovative ideas, never before tasted food are layered one on top of the other. The result is a melting pot pulsing with diversity, in a continuous state of growth and activity.

One colour on top of another, extremely modern lines: this is “City”. This Pot à Porter collection is a tribute to big cities and their dynamic beauty. In the big cities everything moves faster. The appointments, the trains, even the teaspoons stirring the coffee: every little gesture is accelerated.

There is a rush and a desire to move forward, to meet new people and discover new ideas. “City” embodies this: modern, dynamic. It immediately grabs your attention with its original and fashionable style. Like a contemporary big city, this line has its own particular beauty that is difficult to decipher and that seduces whoever looks at it.

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