It was in 1776 when the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria decided to found the Accademia delle Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Brera, district of Milan. No more private teaching: art was opened up to public.

Since then, artists have gradually transformed Brera into a little jewel full of beauty and poetry. “Braida”, the term from which the neighbourhood gets its name, means wasteland: indeed it was an area separated from the center of Milan, without appeal.

Now Brera is known as “the artist’s quarter”, and is an integral part of Milan’s charm. This district, adjacent to the city center but at the same time with a spirit of its own, has inspired an elegant Pot à Porter collection.

The “Brera” line combines two different but similar colours. Attention to design recaptures Brera’s artistic calling; the minimalist, modern style reflects the metropolitan, dynamic character of Milan.

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