Soft and subtle hues, elegant styles. The vases of the “Bellagio” collection are enough to give any room a touch of sophistication and romance. This delicate Pot-à-Porter line transports you to the shores of Lake Como.

The coloured ripples, that mix colours to create sol shades, are reminiscent of the lake water gently lapping the shore. Walking leisurely you can get to Bellagio, a town where the atmosphere is relaxed and you can admire beautiful landscapes. The best hotels and restaurants of the surrounding area can be found right here: a concentration of beauty and class.

Small cobbled streets wind their way around the old town, allowing you to wander in search of artistic beauty or small shops in which to sample the local specialties. The “Bellagio” line recalls the deep tranquility and beauty of these places, leaving on your lips the same smile as when you walk peacefully along the edge of the lake.

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